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Pesos For Play Follow-Up: The Carlos Slim Blog Archive

Pesos For Play Follow-Up: The Carlos Slim Blog Archive
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Carlos Slim’s investment in his personal blog is worth more in real estate than actually selling newspapers and web subscriptions.

But he probably didn’t buy in to the paper for cash flow.

In my research for the Pesos For Play article, I noticed some aberrations in the archive of his blog. In the elitist circles of The New York Times, it seems not all news is “fit to print” if it concerns your majority shareholder.

As the article stated: “Just like the Mexican government did favors for him, it appears The New York Times is doing favors for Carlos Slim by creating barriers in its own archive, filtering out articles that cast him in a bad light.”

The online archive of the website does have a section dedicated to Slim:

But it isn’t just a straight archive featuring all the stories about the billionaire…

For one, the earliest article listed is from May 13, 1996:


From the article: “Words like ‘Robber Baron’ and ‘Crony’ have been used to describe Slim and his business practices. Who used these words? Anthony DePalma and Eduardo Porter — writer’s for The New York Times. However, that was before Slim bought in.”

The article where Anthony DePalma referred to Slim as a “crony” was published on 2/15/96. 

The “official” archive for The Times lead shareholder ends before an article calling him names appears. Billionaires are sensitive, you know?

But maybe The Times has selective archive on all its subjects? Doesn’t appear so with others.

Compare it to rival billionaire Warren Buffet’s archive:

The earliest story for him is from 1985:

Stories about Carlos Slim, Telmex and Grupo Carso started appearing in the The Times as early as 1990 but they are not present. You have to search for them by actually typing his name:

Here is a search of articles mentioning Slim starting from the oldest:

Notice, how the first articles that came up are pretty negative and written by guys like Anthony DePalma? He still works for the paper. What did he have to say about Slim after the crony capitalist bought in to the paper? In The New Yorker, DePalma told Lawrence Wright: “It’s a great story to see him as a robber baron,” (referring to a 1995 meeting between him, Slim and Thomas Friedman) “But I also remember him being a little starry-eyed by being that close to The New York Times.”

Hard journalism there.

It’s easy to call someone a “crony” but when those cronies start signing your checks, things change. As Nassim Taleb wrote: “The divergence is evident in that journos worry considerably more about the opinion of other journalists than that of the general public.”

Or as Mike Cernovich said on Twitter:

The New York Times used to be a paper that upset Presidential Administrations. Honestly, doing my research, I got some good info on Slim FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES ARCHIVE. But they don’t write those type of articles anymore. Now they just want to cuck and suck (up) to state power and billionaires.

They even hide the fact that Slim is somewhat of a spendthrift. Missing in the archive is a 8/29/2011 article about the billionaire’s unfavorable view of charitable giving. The article itself does feature a hyperlink for his name:

But when you click on his name it takes you to the “official” archive where the same article is missing (note the dates):

Weird. Maybe Slim thought giving The Times money was a charitable enough act?

In the documentary Mediastan, Johannes Wahlstrom is seen telling Wikileaks founder Julian Assange: “There are boundaries to free speech in the same way there are boundaries to our thoughts and to our language…and these boundaries look different in different countries.”

The boundaries for The Times are obvious. They are tools for the deep state and a personal blog for their benefactor and godfather Carlos Slim.

Billionaire blogs like The New York Times and The Washington Post aren’t going to give you real news. Please support citizen journalism here.

I’m proud of the research I did for the Pesos For Play article and give the same attention to detail for my novels. You can pick up a copy of my first novel here.